Bulgaria's Presidential Candidates Clash in Final Debate


With respect to the consequences of November 10, 1989, presidential candidate Radev said that these were both good and bad.

"Rather, there is hope, although there are oligarchic circles and living standards are the things we did not get under control," Tsacheva.

"People had high hopes for a quick, brief transition, prosperity, high living standards. But this happened for only a small part of the citizens. The disappointment is that there is no justice," specified Radev.

Regarding relations with Russia, Radev stated that these must be based on a pragmatic basis. I would like for us to gain back a foothold on the markets. I would like to discuss very seriously the sanctions against Russia.

Tsacheva specified that Bulgaria's key partners are the USA and the EU. Russia comes after them.

Concerning relations with the USA after the election of Donald Trump, Radev specified that Bulgaria and the USA are strategic partners in terms of defense and this cooperation has to continue. There should be a partnership in investments, especially in state-of-the-art technologies.

Tsacheva underlined the importance of economic relations - the EU should be the USA's priority and China must come second.

"The USA and Bulgaria are partners and allies in NATO, we have a high degree of mutual trust where the security system is concerned," explained Tsacheva.

Trump is the choice of American citizens and we should all respect this choice. As President, I will work with Trump, added Tsacheva.

Radev underlined that Bulgaria has traditionally good strategic relations with the USA. So the change of a single personality will not have an effect. We have to look for the new opportunities, added Radev.

With respect to corruption and...

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