Prophecy from Kremna: Tarabic Predicted Trump's Victory Hundred Years Ago?

BELGRADE - An illiterate peasant, Mitar Tarabic, who lived in Serbia in the 19th century is believed to have predicted major historic events, like WWI and the rise of Nazis.

The Kremna Prophecies originated in the village of Kremna, in Serbia. Illiterate peasants Milos Tarabic and his nephew Mitar Tarabic built a reputation for predicting the future. Their village Serbian Orthodox priest, Zaharije Zaharic is said to have recorded their predictions.

Mitar Tarabic, who lived from 1822 to 1899, is said to have made several prophecies that describe major twentieth-century events. Along with such major historical events as the rule of a "red king", Joseph Stalin, and the Soviet victory over Hitler, Tarabic also predicted the arrival of a "noble and good-natured red-haired man" who, as some people assume, could be Donald Trump.

"The world will be ruled by a noble and...

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