AFP: Bulgaria's Radev 'Struck a Chord by Attacking the Status Quo'

File photo, BGNES

President-elect Rumen Radev "struck a chord with voters by attacking the status quo and stressing issues like national security and migration," AFP agency writes after the presidential vote on Sunday.

It compares him with "other anti-establishment politicians" and dubs him "Russophile" in the headline and later "seen as more sympathetic to Russia".

The text, citing experts, portrays his win as a result of the protest vote at "Borisov's failure to improve the lot of ordinary Bulgarians."

AFP argues Radev makes "ambivalent statements about the EU, NATO and Crimea" which "have prompted speculation that Bulgaria could lean more toward Moscow", a move that "could further undermine unity within the EU."

"General Radev's victory represents the unfolding of a pro-Russian scenario in Bulgaria so that the country supports Russian interests in the EU and NATO," political expert Antoniy Galabov is quoted as saying.

The full text is available here.

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