Greek Defence Minister Kammenos: Obama happy to be in Greece (video)

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos greeted US President Barack Obama at the Athens International Airport, Tuesday morning and relayed his quick conversation with the US commander in chief in an interview to radio station “Real FM”. Kammenos said Obama told him it was his personal choice to visit Greece on his last trip as President. “President Obama was very human warm and happy to have come to Greece”, Kammenos said. Kammenos said that he told Obama that he had helped Greece in difficult times. “I thanked him and told him I was welcoming him on behalf of the Greek people.” Kammenos said the US President’s presence was not only symbolic but significant because he was sending a message of hope for Greece exiting the crisis. Some were surprised to see that the US head of state was received by the Defence Minister, instead of the either the Greek President or the Prime Minster. Governmnet sources says that this was due to the fact that the visit is dubbed a “working visit” and not an official one.

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