Freezing temperatures and snow to hit Greece

The Greek Meteorological Services (EMY) issued a new severe weather bulletin Monday warning of snow falls and low temperatures until Thursday. The report forecasts heavy rainfalls and storms for the Ionian region, Epirus, mainland Greece (including Attica), Euboea, the Peloponnese, the Sporades and Cyclades islands and the Dodecanese. Snow will start falling from Monday night in the mountainous areas and will spread across the western Macedonian region by Monday night. Tuesday will see snowfall in all high altitude areas, as well as regions below the 300m mark, while temperatures are expected to fall by 10 degrees Celsius and with strong winds picking up to 8-9 on the Beaufort scale. Areas below 200 metres altitude in Thrace, Macedonia, the islands in the north Aegean and Thessaly will experience snow on Wednesday, while the regions of the Ionian region, Epirus, mainland Greece, Euboea, the Peloponnese, Sporades and mountainous areas in Crete will also be affected by snowfall.

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