A 37-year-old Indian cuts off his penis

How should a man who has been denied his conjugal rights react after a decade of rejection? While lots of men would have either tried to get to the bottom of the matter with their spouse or engaged in an extramarital affair, one Indian resolved the issue by cutting off his penis.

After being rejected one time too many over the course of a decade, the 37-year-old, Gasi Ram, decided to put an end to his sex life for good.


Where did their their sex life go wrong? According to one Manhri Devi, Gasi never paid attention to his spouse and used to come home drunk every day. Until he grabbed a knife and cut off his manhood. “And now he blames me for what happened,” said his 34-year-old wife.  But Ram insisted:”She never loved me,” he said .   “She would always sit away from me and always turn me down.”

Ram and his 34-year-old wife who have three children, have been married for 18 years.  Now the family has one member less.

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