Reina attacker looks 'professional': Experts

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant who staged an attack on Istanbul's Reina nightclub in the early hours of Jan. 1 looks like a professional who received military training on how to use a weapon, according to security experts. 

"The attacker is determined, faithful, practical, coldblooded, expert and knows how to get results," anti-terror expert Abdullah Ağar said.

"He probably fired these bullets before in real clash zones. He had no hesitation in shooting at innocent people. He is absolutely a killer and he most probably shot at humans before," Ağar added. 

Police have released the first footage of the Reina attacker, who killed 39 people and wounded 65 others, with initial police reports suggesting he may be from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan. Officials are also investigating the possibility that the attacker may be from Xinjiang in eastern China and aged around 25, according to a report in daily Habertürk. 

Elsewhere, details on how the ISIL militant attacked the nightclub have started to surface. It was determined that the attacker got on a cab from the Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul before heading to Ortaköy, where the club is located. He got out of the cab due to heavy traffic close to the club and walked to Reina for four minutes. 

The first footage of the attack was recorded at 01:20 a.m., when the attacker is seen walking and shooting towards Reina, causing one person to fall to the ground. He is then seen shooting the guards, who were unarmed due to restrictions on them carrying weapons, according to daily Habertürk. The second footage was recorded at 01:23 a.m. inside Reina, apparently after the attack, when nobody can be seen standing. 

According to specialists who examined the...

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