Putin 'Not Seeking US Greatnesss', Bulgaria President, 16 Others Tell Trump

File photo, BGNES

Bulgaria's President Rosen Plevneliev is the only sitting head of state to sign a letter to US President-elect Donal Trump advising him against rapprochement with Russia.

The message to Trump, signed by 17 current and former officials from across Central and Eastern Europe (and obtained and uploaded by the Washington Post), appeals to "Americans in the new U.S. Administration and Congress to stand firm in the defense of our common goals and interests: peace, Atlantic strength, and freedom."

Signatories include former head of states, ex-Prime Ministers and one-time Foreign Ministers. Plevneliev, an outspoken critic of Russia's policies of the past few years, is also due to leave office on January 22.

"Putin does not seek American greatness. As your allies, we do," the letter reads.

Welcoming Trump's election, the leaders add there will be repercussions on both Europe and the US if Trump joins forces with Putin.

They warn against easing sanctions imposed on Russia or accepting the incorporation of Crimea.

The Russian President cannot act as an ally of the West, and a deal with him is more likely to bring war than peace, the leaders say.

"Russia's continuing efforts to destabilize Ukraine, and its illegal annexation of Crimea, threaten the peace, predictability and security that Americans and Europeans created together through our victory in the Cold War. We are concerned that the prospect of a new grand bargain with Russia will endanger this historic achievement."

"The aftershocks of such a deal would shake American credibility with allies in Europe and elsewhere," according to the leaders.

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