Hungary's Jobbik Gives Up Far-Right Image


The main opposition party in Hungary Jobbik is trying to cut ties with its past as a far-right, anti-Semitic, radical formation. It is looking for popularity and plans to fight for power against the ruling FIDESZ  party during the 2018 elections, commented to Reuters Jobbik's leader Gábor Vona.

Jobbik openly denigrated Jews, gay persons and foreigners, while its para-military fraction organised marches in areas inhabited by Roma people. It supported reinforcing relations with Turkey, Iran and Russia instead of the EU of which Hungary is a member.

Vona intends to win the elections by winning over left-wing voters. The left-wing in Hungary is split and weak.

Thus, Vona will attempt to follow the example of PM Viktor Orban who gave up on his liberal roots and brought FIDESZ to power as a conservative party in 1998.

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