Youtuber’s promise to release sex video goes viral! (video-photos)

A promise by youtuber and social media “model” Lena Nersesian, known as “Lena the plug”, to release a sex tape if she reaches 1 million subscribers has gone viral. However, he plans have not gone down with some viewers. One wrote: “You are a mess”, with another commenting: Get a real job like the rest of us”. The popular online personality has claimed that she will be making a SEX TAPE with fellow YouTuber Adam22 – but only if she reaches one million subscribers.
It’s no surprise that fans were sent into a frenzy when they watched her recent channel upload.
Lena said: “You may or may not have heard that I am planning on making a sex tape when I hit a million subscribers.” “I don’t want to do porn and I really have no interest in doing it.
“But a sex tape with someone that I’m seeing and totally comfortable having sex with – that sounds cool to me.”

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