President Radev Presents Priorities of Caretaker Cabinet


As of Friday, Bulgaria will be governed by a caretaker cabinet, announced President Radev during the official presentation of the composition and priorities of the cabinet appointed by him.

"This cabinet will govern in a complicated external political and international situation. The country needs security and stability," stated Radev.

The caretaker government has clear priorities - providing for a normally functioning country, the holding of fair elections and the preparation of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU.

"I believe the professionalism of the caretaker ministers is a guarantee for the implementation of these important tasks," added Radev.

The caretaker government must take all necessary measures to prevent the manipulation of elections, explained Radev.

The presidency of the EU is a huge chance for our country to announce and defend our priorities, added Radev.

"I will insist, in case of vicious practices in government which damage the state, for these to be identified and terminated. I will follow closely and ensure zero tolerance to corruption, transparency and integrity in the work of the ministers and the administration, and supremacy of the rule of law," stated Radev.

I call on the caretaker government to maintain neutrality and non-partisanship, concluded Radev.


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