US Congressman Slammed for Proposing New Balkan Borders

Dana Rohrabacher. Photo:

Politicians across the region have condemned Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who is also chair of the US House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats, with some suggesting that he might undermine regional stability.

Rohrabacher told Albanian TV channel Vizion Plus that Macedonia is not a state and its territory should be shared out between Kosovo and Bulgaria.

A couple of days before, Rohrabacher also sent a letter to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic proposing that mainly Albanian parts of southern Serbia should be swapped for the Serb-populated part of northern Kosovo [read the full letter].

The Macedonian foreign ministry said that the US State Department would not back Rohrabacher's claim that Macedonia isn't a country at all and its territory should be parcelled out to Albania and Bulgaria.

"We believe that the State Department will dispel any dilemma with regard to the positions presented and that it will affirm its policy toward Macedonia and the Balkans," the foreign ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Bulgarian government has not officially reacted to Rohrbacher's claim that Macedonia should be divided up.

"Bulgaria has a principled and consistent position for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of all countries from the Western Balkans," Bulgaria's foreign ministry told the BGNES news agency when asked for a comment on the congressman's statement.

While Bulgaria generally nurtures positive relations with Serbia and Macedonia, differing readings of history often cause rows.

Bulgaria was the first country to recognise Macedonia when it proclaimed its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

But Sofia does not recognise the existence of a Macedonian...

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