Freed so that he can rape five more women?

We hear of sexual abuse, rapes and violence against women every day. Enough. 

We hear of male violence every day. Yes, this is the name of it: Male violence. 

One of the biggest issues of our country is that certain men are jerks. They cannot control themselves. They have the wrong perception of women. They have a crooked sense of decency. God damn all of them. And they enjoy impunity. 

Law enforcement somehow pardons them; the system prevents them from receiving proper punishments; the sentences are reduced due to all kinds of reasoning… I have written this a thousand times; I will write it again… To remind everyone of the catastrophic situation we are all in… I will write it continuously…

Here is a story from daily Hürriyet by Çetin Aydın. A nanny, 25-year-old M.T., was looking for a job. She met D.K., the horrible creature that looks like a human, at his home in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul. He immediately attacked her, put a gag on her mouth to prevent her from screaming and raped her at gunpoint.

Damn all these perverts. Thank God, he did not kill her. Can you believe that we are thankful for this? 

M.T. got out of the house and went to the police. Teams raided the apartment, but he did not open the door. Police obtained a search warrant from the prosecutor, then entered the house with a locksmith. This time the pervert told them he was sleeping and hadn't heard anything.  
Long story short, when the apartment was searched, the gag that was used during the rape was found, as well as wipes with sperm on them. The person was then found to have been detained in 2012 for sexual abuse. 

Who knows what he has done to other women - we only know of the ones who filed complaints. What about...

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