Cameraman zooms in on sexy girl’s buttocks (video)

Most of us can be discreet about where our eyes choose to linger when looking at a scantily-clad model.
But one cameraman was unable to hide what was on his mind when he zoomed in on a model’s backside while filming for a Brazilian television programme.
A clip from the talk show, SuperPop, has been viewed more than 120,000 times since being posted online.
A brunette beauty beamed at the camera as she modelled red, black and white chequered pants and a matching bra.
She stood with her hands on her swaying hips as guests on the programme watched from a sofa behind her.
As she turned her back to the camera and strode off the set, the cameraman zoomed in so that her pert buttocks filled the screen.

The caption on the video, uploaded to the internet yesterday, said: ‘This cameraman has no shame when he sees what he likes.


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