Bulgaria's Election Campaign Enters Decisive Stage - Poll

File photo, BGNES

The gap between Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and conservative GERB party is narrow two weeks out of the early election and the next fortnight will be decisive, a Gallup poll has suggested.

The pollster argues six parties would enter Parliament if the election were held on Wednesday, March 8.

According to the survey, the BSP is projected to get 30.2%. GERB lags behind by nearly 2%, at 28.3%.

The United Patriots will be third, with 11.9%, followed by the Movement for Rights and Freedomss (DPS), whose result will be 8.2%.

Newly set up party Volya ("Will") is poised to muster 7.4%, while the coalition between the Reformist Bloc and Glas Naroden (4.3%), near the electoral threshold.

Among other parties, none has garnered more than 3% of the vote among respondents.

The poll was conducted among 1003 people between February 27 and March 5.

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