Tsvetan Tsvetanov: If Necessary the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey Must be Closed

File photo: EPA/BGNES

''It is unacceptable to corrupt the election process this way. Therefore, adequate measures have to be undertaken. If necessary, the polling stations outside the consulates and the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Turkey must be closed'', said Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Deputy Chairman of GERB on Nova TV.

According to him, the political forces from the "Transition years" are personally to blame for today's situation. 

"The government is appointed by President Radev and should assume the leading role. In this moment, we need to hear about the concrete measures, that are being undertaken by the government and by the sole person to appoint it -President Radev, who has to carry the direct responsibility for the election process in Turkey, as well as in every point of the country and outside its borders", Tsvetanov commented.

In his words, we don't have a working Parliament to implement the necessary parliamentary control upon the executive.

''Therefore I can say that responsibility must be sought from the President and the Prime minister", Tsvetanov added.

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