Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary Expand Free Route Airspace for Night Flights


Starting on March 30, the Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority (BULATSA), together with the air navigation services providers of Romania, ROMATSA and Hungary, HungaroControl, expand the Free Route Airspace for flights during the night within the three countries' airspace, BULATSA said in a press release on Thursday, cited by BTA.

The SEEN FRA (South-East Night Free Route Airspace) Project enables aircraft to fly freely between published points and radio-navigation means, irrespective of the existing airspace route system.

The new flight planning rules will significantly optimize airspace routes, without the limitations of international borders, and will reduce fuel costs and emissions from aviation. The application of the Free Route Airspace concept will be extended further by 2019 through a removal of the airspace route system throughout the day and the night.

Free Route Airspace is an important element of the implementation of the Single European Sky concept and the achievement of pan-European air traffic performance targets

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