Athina Onassis was unable to have children, claims ex-husband Doda

A Brazilian website covering lifestyle has published a report claiming that the real reason Alvaro de Miranda Neto (Doda) broke up with granddaughter and heiress of legendary Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, Athina Onassis was that she could not bear children. The report titled “The real reason for the break-up: Athina Onassis could not give Doda a child”, the piece attacks Athina arguing that her depression and mood swings were a result of her inability to bear a child for her ex-husband. Some believe the report is a hit-piece against Athina made up by his new girlfriend Denize Severo, who is a TV presenter in Brazil with connections in high places in the media industry. The report claimed the couple were trying to have children but were unable due to Athina’s condition, while the post says Doda will present evidence to this end in the court hearing in Switzerland.

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