Consultations Start Between President Rumen Radev and BSP for Bulgaria

The consultations of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev with the parliamentary group of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) for Bulgaria started, according to FOCUS News Agency.

The BSP for Bulgaria Chairperson Kornelia Ninova, and deputy chairs of the parliamentary group Anton Kutev, Zhelyo Boychev, Krum Zarkov, and Dragomir Stoynev, have already entered the presidential building on Dondukov Str. 2. From 15:00 Bulgarian time today, April 25, President Rumen Radev will also meet with the representatives of the largest parliamentary represented party GERB.

In accordance to the Constitution of Bulgaria, article 99, paragraph 1, the president holds consultations with the parliamentary represented political powers before handing a mandate to form a government to the selected PM candidate of the largest party.

On Monday, the head of state held consultations with the parliamentary groups of Volya, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), and United Patriots.

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