Get your Santorini dream house with Santopoly

Along with their bottle of white Assyrtiko wine, a jar of split-pea dip (fava) and photographs of blue skies and sparkling white houses, the thousands who visit the Aegean island of Santorini every year can now leave with another souvenir of their holidays: Santopoly, an ingenious board game created by a young Greek couple.

Having spent years on the island working, Thomas Karakletsos and Dimitra Lola feel they know it better than the locals.

"We were at a cafe/bar/gallery in Oia one afternoon, towards the end of the summer in 2015, and noticed that there weren't any board games, which we're both fans of," remembers Dimitra, who works as a tour guide. This sparked the idea for a board game inspired by Monopoly but dedicated to the Greek island. The couple spent hours developing the game, with Dimitra taking care of content and Thomas creating the art. They day eventually...

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