How can we solve it without banning?

As you all know, when there is an "undesired" type of story that spreads on Twitter, an immediate block is imposed on the website. We have not gotten used to bans but we are not as astonished as we used to be.

Facebook can also be banned over the same "sensitivity." A piece written, a slight implication inside any story can turn into topics that turn many people's lives into hell. Then a ban comes again. As a matter of fact, everybody has a natural filter in their minds. 

Then it was the issue that kept everybody busy for a long time. The debate has cooled now, but many believe that creates unfair competition. 

It is true that there is much manipulation and unfair commercial connections on the internet. Since all of them cannot be banned, the path to fight them cannot be through banning or blocking.  

The Wikipedia incident is another matter…

Truth, all through history, has been a matter that changes depending on "which side you are looking from and who is looking" while also depending on time and conjuncture. There was no technology in the past that enabled any questioning of this. 

The quotations of important people were not questioned in encyclopedias. If the information was "printed once," it was regarded as correct, true and worth sharing. They were written by professionals, not by anybody else. 

This situation has changed with the internet. "The man on the street" became the source of information. The reader, who was inclined to directly believe the source available, fell into the trap easily. Thus this trend became one of the reasons why fake stories circulated easily. 

As the internet grew and as sites grew when users added their own knowledge to them, sources of...

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