Cyprus to sell its Mi-35PM attack helicopters to Syria?

According to a report by the Greek Military website, the Republic of Cyprus is interested in selling its 11 Mil-35PMs due to their relatively low operational availability.

The Russian manufacturing company is delivering the necessary spare parts at a very slow rate, regardless of the Follow-On-Support agreement that the two sides signed in 2014.

Any sale, however, must be agreed with Russia as the End-User License must be issued by the latter to the new owner should the sale goes on.

One possible buyer, according to the report could be Syria but nothing is certain yet.

Another issue that The Cypriot Armed Forces focus on, is which attack helicopter type will be replacing the Mi-35PMs. The report speaks of the will of the Cypriot side to opt for a European design, probably the (expensive) French-German Tiger.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet.


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