Wide tourism gap among regions in Greece

Greece has a two-speed tourism industry, both in terms of travel revenues and international arrivals as there are great differences between the different regions according to the first analytical survey on regional variations by the Bank of Greece.

The report confirmed that travel takings last year amounted to 12.75 billion euros, not including revenues from cruise passengers. The bulk of that figure, 87.5 percent of the entire sum for 2016, was recorded in five regions: the Southern Aegean (3.14 billion euros), Crete (3.1 billion euros), Attica (1.73 billion euros), Central Macedonia (1.69 billion euros) and the Ionian Islands (1.5 billion euros).

The rest of the country's regions - the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Epirus, Western Greece, Central Greece and Western Macedonia - accounted for just 1.6 billion euros.

Similarly, the top tier...

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