'Elevator dragon' gets life for 1997 Lycabettus murder

An Athens court has convicted the so-called "Elevator Dragon" to life in prison for the murder in 1997 of 21-year-old Nikitas Koronios in front of his girlfriend in the Lycabettus area in central Athens.

"The accused is definitely the culprit and he could have been candid about it to the court and the for the sake of his victim's memory," the prosecutor said.

Christos Gilis, aged 44, had been convicted to 50 years in prison for raping 28 women 20 years ago.

Police were led to the suspect after matching his fingerprints to those found in Koronios's car, two decades after the incident.

According to investigators, the suspect would stalk couples in their cars on the hill. He fatally stabbed Koronios when the latter got out of his vehicle.

The suspect denied the charge, saying he had never been to Lycabettus Hill.

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