Chinese interested in manufacturing electric cars in Serbia

China's ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang announced on Tuesday that a Chinese company that wishes to open an electric car factory would soon arrive in Serbia.

Speaking in an army barracks in the town of Pancevo, where he presented a Chinese donation worth around EUR 900,000 to the Serbian Army, Li mentioned three large Chinese companies that will arrive here.

The first is a tire manufacturer, "the fourth largest in the world."

"This company's director will arrive in Belgrade from Frankfurt on June 22, at midnight," the diplomat said. Reacting to this, President Aleksandar Vucic, who accompanied him today, remarked, "I've received Turks after one o'clock, I'll receive the Chinese at half past 11, 12."

The second company, Li continued, is coming from the Hunan Province, where they operate a gold mine.

"This company's director has already been in Belgrade,...

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