Memories of the 'blue building' in Exarchia

Years have passed and none of the builders, designers or original residents of the apartment block on the corner of Zaimi and Stournari streets in the central Athens neighborhood of Exarchia is alive anymore. For this reason, it would be a shame if the building's history - especially the scarring events of December 12, 1944, which I lived through here as a resident in my childhood - were allowed to be forgotten.

It's better known to the general public as the apartment block of Exarchia Square, or the "blue building" (even if it isn't anymore). When it was built, architects marveled - as they still do today - at the work of Polyvios Michailidis, a Cypriot who would later become a professor at the Athens Polytechnic's School of Architecture. The talented architect was himself an alumnus of the school, having graduated in 1930. He then went to Paris where for two years he...

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