Stunning Naked News presenters whip out their boobs & pins for a saucy game of naked bowling (RACY VIDEO-PHOTOS)

The stunning Naked News team shed their clothes and hit the alleys for a sexy game of five pin bowling.

Raunchy reporters Eila Adams, Whitney St. John, Natasha Olenski and Peyton Priestly took over a bowling alley in Toronto, Canada for the competition.

Eila and Whitney scored a lowly 71 while Peyton and Natasha were the winners with 114.

As a forfeit, Eila and Whitney had to clean the bowling alley’s entire collection of stinky bowling shoes.

Five-pin bowling is a bowling variant which is played only in Canada where the pins are smaller and players use hand-sized hard rubber balls.

The sexy sportswomen are anchors on Canadian TV station Naked News, which bills itself as “the programme with nothing to hide”.

The programme is broadcast six days a week, with 25 minute bulletins showing the women carrying out interviews and presenting the big news stories of the day completely starkers.

Female anchors read the news fully nude or strip as they present their segments.

The raunchy site started in 1999 as an English speaking show and now has one based in Japan too.

The programme now has eight anchors, plus guest stars, and was reported to be attracting more than six million viewers at its height.




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