Turkish writer Metin Hara, supermodel Adriana Lima spotted together in Istanbul

Turkish writer Metin Hara has confirmed that he is in a romantic relationship with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, best known as a Victoria's Secret angel.

Hara and Lima were spotted while passionately kissing in Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul by reporters on July 10.

Following media reports, Hara released a written statement, in which he said they had started developing feelings for each other. 

"I met Adriana in June in Istanbul. Following a pleasant chat, I gave my book as a gift to her. We kept in touch throughout this period and we noticed that we started having feelings for each other. We are getting to know each other now," he stated.

Lima and Hara arrived in the Aegean province of Muğla's resort Bodrum from Istanbul for a blue cruise at noon on July 10.

Hara and Lima stayed on the night of July 10 at an exclusive villa called "No: 81 Mill," owned by Şeyda Karakaya, a businesswoman in the tourism sector, in Bodrum's Dereköy neighborhood.

The couple will reportedly embark on a trip in Muğla's Gökova district and continue at some Greek islands on July 11. 

Lima arrived in the Mediterranean province of Antalya for a fashion show in June. She posted a photo on her social media account of the cover of Metin Hara's book with a description saying, "Kept me company in my journey. Invasion of Love… Path…"

Hara also shared a photo with Lima on his official Instagram account on June, captioning it, "Happy to meet such a humble soul. Planning on inspiring projects. Stay wild, stay free…"   

Lima is well-known in Turkey due to her professional visits to the country.

Previously, a video showing Lima giving a...

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