The US Congress has Voted New Sanctions Against Russia and Iran

Source: Wikipedia

The House of Representatives of the US Congress passed a bill to tighten sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, the world agencies said.

The project, that had a large majority, has passed despite Donald Trump's objections, world agencies note. The president is now faced with a dilemma - whether to veto it. The congressmen supported the adoption of the measure by 388 votes in favor with two against. The bill received strong support from both Trump's party-members in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Now he has to be accepted by the upper chamber of the US Congress, before going to the president to sign it or veto it.

Senate political leaders have not yet told when would they consider the bill. The White House says it is studying the bill on tightening sanctions against Russia, North Korea and Iran, adopted by the House of Representatives of the United States Congress.

"While the president supports the imposition of severe sanctions against North Korea, Iran, the White House is examining the bill and expects the President's bureau to present a final version of the legislative measures," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.

Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani said Iranian MPs are closely following US actions, especially new sanctions against Iran and Russia, the Iranian news agency Alalam reported. "We have the capacity to take many measures to respond to US action," Larijani said. He added that Iranian MPs will discuss US actions in various parliamentary committees. According to him, the decision on new sanctions shows that Washington has failed in its obligations under the nuclear agreement. "We have good nuclear potential, and we can change the situation right away," stressed Ali Larijani.

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