Ex NATO chief: "Russia should pay a higher price"


A former NATO chief thinks the EU should reconcile itself with new US sanctions against Russia and accept them in the name of the Trans-Atlantic partnership.

According to Anders Fogh Rasmussen's op-ed published by the Financial Times, quoted by Sputnik, Russia's goal is to divide the West and win in the new Cold War.

Rasmussen - who is nowadays an adviser to Ukraine's president - also thinks Russia should pay a higher price than during the first wave of Western sanctions.

The former NATO heads fears the reaction of the EU, which, unexpectedly, does not fully agree with the new US package of sanctions, as it also affects EU's energy interests.

Rasmussen thinks that this might mean Russian President Vladimir Putin's is "succeeding," and calls on Europe not to oppose the United States.

Earlier, it was announced that the EU was...

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