Brazilian sisters publish book of stories by Syrian refugee children

In the fairy tale of "The Traveling Princess," the heroine is granted three wishes: to travel through foreign lands, meet new friends and share her riches with the people she meets. At the end of her journey, Princess Amira gives up her crown, and makes her home in Greece among the families of refugees who have fled Syria's war, helping children to find lost parents and one day return to the lives they have left behind

The story is one of eight tales in a collection of modern myths and fables invented by Syrian and Kurdish children living in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Brazilian journalist Debora de Pina Castiglione and her sister, illustrator Beatriz, recorded the stories and worked with designers and translators to create a book now sold in 11 languages across Europe.

"'Traveling Tales' aims to encourage communication between young refugees and other children...

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