Bulgarian Citizen Has Died at Mount Han Tengri in Tianshan Mountain, Falling from 6200m


A Bulgarian citizen has died at Mount Han Tengri in Tianshan Mountain, on the border between China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, bTV learned. Foreign ministry confirmed the information. The age and the name of the man are not yet reported.

The incident happened on 8 August around 00:20. Upon descending from the top, the Bulgarian falls at an altitude of 6200 meters, drops 600 meters on rocks and dies on the spot.

Rescued sailors have found that traumas from falling are the cause of death.

The expedition with which he was  is not Bulgarian and most likely is commercial. Many agencies in the world already offer such expeditions, even for Everest.

Han Tengri is 6,995 meters high and has two routes north and south.

This is the second victim within 10 days. A Turkish citizen has died a few days ago at the same peak.

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