Tax authorities to boost checks on small debtors

In a bid to close in on some 3.8 million taxpayers who owe an estimated total of 95 billion euros in overdue debts to the Greek state, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue is to intensify inspections on all those whose arrears exceed 500 euros, accessing their bank accounts and Land Register details.

Under pressure from the country's creditors to collect much-needed revenue, the Finance Ministry is planning a new crackdown on debtors - both individuals and companies. The ministry's effort is to focus first on those who clearly have the money to pay their debts but are choosing not to before moving on to those who are in financial difficulties.

The ministry aims to send out notices as soon as a debt becomes overdue. The scheme aims to link the ministry's public revenue service to the Land Register to ensure that inspectors have an overview of the properties owned...

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