Varna's Sky Restaurant Sees Emergency Landing by NRA Inspectors

A few days ago, inspectors of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) directorate visited Varna's unique sky restaurant (it is actually a large platform hanging down from a hot air balloon), disguised as customers, reported Standart News. 

They were asked to make reservations worth 150 levs (just under EUR 75) each, but did not receive any receipts upon payment.

The inspection that followed shortly after that finished with the restaurant being landed and sealed off for a week.

In an official statement, Dinner in the Sky, the company managing the restaurant, said they strictly comply with the taxation legislation in Bulgaria and always issue receipts to their customers, defining the above incident as "a misunderstanding".

The company has also promised to fully refund all their customers who have made reservation for the week in which the restaurant will be down for a "financial overhaul", before it is declared airworthy again and given a takeoff clearance by NRA.


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