There is a Trend of Constant Increase in Traffic Through the Danube Bridge

Ventsislav Haladzhov said traffic through the Danube Bridge has increased twice in a year, and according to Ruse Regional Governor Galin Grigorov, the solution for the congestion of the facility is to build a parallel bridge that would connect to the future Rousse-Veliko Tarnovo highway. Rousse customs claim that the processing of documents takes 2-3 minutes and drivers complain that they have to wait for hours to cross the Danube Bridge, informs the Bulgarian National Television.

Galin Grigorov, District Governor of Ruse: "The congestion is almost daily. We took measures by introducing easier payouts. At the same time, Customs Agency processes and issues documents faster. They work very well and organized, but this does not reduce traffic. For me the only option with the congestion of the Danube Bridge is the construction of a parallel bridge to connect with the Rousse-Veliko Tarnovo Motorway. This is absolutely necessary."

Ventsislav Haladzhov, Rousse Customs Director: "We are seeing a steady increase in traffic. By way of comparison, I can give a few figures - before we entered the EU when there was full customs control, the heavy traffic was about 500 trucks per day. In recent years, the heavy truck traffic has reached 2,000. For 2016 traffic was about 700 thousand cars. For this year traffic has doubled - 1 370 000. The increase is mainly due to the light traffic due to the strong tourist season. Heavy traffic is relatively the same as volume.

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