What did these celebrities do before fame? (photos)

We love them from the movies they starred in or the songs they sang. But what did they do before they became famous?

1. Steve Buscemi was a firefighter

2. Harrison Ford was a carpenter

3. Christopher Lee was in the secret intelligence agency

4. Johnny Depp sold TVs

5. Rihanna was in the army!

6. Brad Pitt was a mascot for Pollo Loco

7. Hugh Jackman was a gymnast

8. George Clooney sold female shoes

9. David Bowie worked as a delivery boy for a meat shop

10. Kate Blanchet prepared sandwiches at a food store

11. Sandra Bullock was a waitress at a Manhattan restaurant

12. Tim Allen was a drug dealer

13. Gerard Butler was an intern at a lwa office

14. Michelle Pfeiffer was a cashier at a supermarket

15. Bradley Cooper worked as a doorman at Morgan’s Hotel

16. Jennifer Lopez worked at law firm

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