Storm Caused Damage, Blocked Roads and Left Settlements without Electricity in Ruse


Hurricane wind, accompanied by torrential rain and hail, caused serious damage this night in Ruse. Roads were blocked, settlements were left without electricity. There is also a problem with rail transport. The hydro-meteorological station reported that in Ruse this night there was 28.6 liters/sq. m rain and wind speeds reached 122 km/h. The storm lasted for about an hour. Reports Mediapool. 

The most serious is the situation in Ivanovo municipality. There all the villages are without electricity. Half of the settlements in the Municipality of Byala also have no power supply. Due to the fallen power line between Ruse and the village of Chervena voda there is no electricity in several settlements in Ruse Municipality. Teams are working to eliminate the problems caused by storm, and it is expected that by the end of the day power supply will be restored. The region has destroyed agricultural produce, vegetable gardens and vineyards, and in some settlements there have been damaged roofs of houses and broken windows.

It has also been difficult for the movement of trains in the region because of fallen trees, broken poles, and broken interconnections. For the time being, passengers traveling from Ruse to Gorna Oryahovitsa and vice versa are offered buses to and from Ivanovo Station. Some trains are still running late.

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