Bulgaria will Participate in a Major NATO Exercise in Ukraine


NATO's large international based military command "Rapid-Trident-2017" started at the Yavorov polygon in the West Bank's Lviv region. There is the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security at the National Academy of Land Forces, TASS reported, citing a statement from the Defense Ministry in Kiev.

Over 2,500 soldiers from 14 countries - Ukraine, USA, Canada, Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey and the UK - are participating in the maneuvers. Several dozen armored cars, automotive equipment, two Mi-8 helicopters, an An-26 aircraft will be used in training.

The "Rapid Trident" exercise, which will last until September 23, has nothing to do with the Russian maneuvers "West-2017" from 14 to 20 September. Rapid Trident is not intended as a counter-act against Russian aggression. In Ukraine, NATO troops and their partners train mostly joint actions to reach full compatibility in the future with the implementation of some or other tasks - peacekeeping and stabilization missions, NATO spokesman Anton Mironovic said.

In the "Rapid Trident" exercise, a multi-level combat system will be used for the first time, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said. Moscow earlier reported that 12,700 troops will participate in the West-2017 teachings, of which 7,200 Belarusians and 5500 Russians. Minsk said 13,800 troops would be involved, and specified that the Russian subdivisions would return to Russia after the maneuvers ended.

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