Economic stability is getting more difficult

As we enter the last months of the year, which was expected to be difficult, the latest developments in domestic and foreign policies increase these complications more. Clearly, it is difficult to ensure stability in the economy at a time when nothing goes in its normal pace.
The discomfort - originating from the Federal Reserve - of developing countries like us, increased again in the global economy. Fed gave the signals of decreasing liquidity in October, making another interest rate increase in December and making three interest rate increases in the coming year. It is clear that countries like us, which can only grow with hot money, will have difficult days with regard to the decrease of the resource.
Amid facing such a serious problem globally, strange things started happening in the country. In fact, there were already strange things happening, but they have grown extensively in the last days.
We already knew that it was not a normal progress, as the name implies, the state of emergency process we are living today. The internal and external developments in recent days increased the unusual level rather well.
Finally, the postponement of the exchange and chamber elections for six months yesterday is also a proof that abnormal things are happening in the business world. 
This week, it will not be a surprise for anyone when markets open amid the tension emerging from northern Iraq. 
The results of the referendum, the attitude of the surrounding countries and the Iraqi central government, besides the sanctions Turkey will impose, must be closely watched during this entire week.
Let's not forget that a possible struggle in northern Iraq can harm the whole region. Here, let's also remember that we...

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