Budapest has Announced they will Block the European Future of Ukraine

Source: Twitter

Hungary will block in the EU and veto any step that may lead to further progress by Ukraine in the process of European integration under the Eastern Partnership program, reports Mediapool. 

This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sijard in connection with the Education Act, which was signed yesterday by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, restricting the teaching of subjects in the languages ​​of the national minorities in Ukraine, TASS reported.

Hungary will block any initiatives that are beneficial to Ukraine in international organizations, especially in the EU. We can guarantee that this will cause a painful blow to the future of Ukraine, the minister said. Poroshenko's decision to sign the law he called "shameful and disgraceful." In a statement by the Minister, published on the website of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry, it is recalled that Poroshenko has talked about European Ukraine and that he has declared a desire for rapprochement with Europe, but his decision to sign the law is a move away from Europe, a huge step in the opposite direction

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