The 12 Hottest Greek Celebrities! (SEXY PHOTOS)

There is something about certain countries and the exotic nature of beautiful women. The Mediterranean Sea kisses the Greek lands and has been the location of some of the most beautiful women to walk the face of the earth. Known as Greek Goddesses, the women of Greece have appealing attributes exclusive to the rest of the world. Their tanned skins and beautiful eyes are hallmarks of this breading ground of gorgeous women. The climate is just right in Greece for women to soak in the sun and enjoy the many beaches and islands Greece has to offer. There is no lack of beauty in these ancient European lands.

With such a rich history, Greece is legendary for women who have seductive looks. A well-known fact is that Greek women take excellent care of themselves. Their body types are typically feminine and they look back to their history in regard to identifying themselves. They carry their culture and its significance in very high regard, and therefore, have the utmost respect for their appearances. Greek women are also fashion gurus. They are very much in-tune with the latest fashions and styles and love to extenuate outfits with cosmetics and nice jewelry. And what is even better, Greek women are not shy about their bodies. They enjoy their clothing, but sometimes, they are fine with the adage “less is more.”

With that in mind, we sifted through the most beautiful of Greek women. These are The 12 Hottest Greek Celebrities.

12. Elena Paparizou

11. Julia Alexandratou


10. Georgia Salpa


9. Evelina Papantoniou

8. Christina Koletsa

7. Natali Thanou

6. Alexandra Loizou

5. Maria Louiza Vourou

4. Olga Farmaki

3. Ria Antoniou

2. Doukissa Nomikou

1. Christina Stefanidi


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