Larry Flynt Offered USD 10 Million for Information Discrediting Trump

The publisher of US porn magazine "Hustler", Larry Flynt, offered "up to USD 10 million" to anyone who provides information leading to impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump's position in the White House in a full page ad in the Sunday edition of the Washington Post, the Associated Press reported.

During the presidential campaign last year, Flynt offered USD 1 million to the one who provided a video or audio track that "caught" Trump in unlawful or sexually indecent behavior. In the newspaper, Flynt is looking for - irrefutable incriminating evidence, fit to be published and remove Trump from his post.

Flynt lists a number of reasons why Trump needs to be eliminated - compromising internal and international politics, casting hundreds of lies, rude nepotism, and appointing unqualified personalities to senior posts. A free number and email address are posted at the end of the ad. According to Flynt, the process of impeachment is "dirty, scandalous work, but the alternative - another three years of destabilizing dysfunction - is worse."

"I think it's my patriotic duty and duty for all Americans to get rid of Trump before it's too late," says the ad .

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