Women orgasm in front of camera (photos)

Artist Marcos Alberti has created the ‘O project’, a series of photos capturing the moments before, during, and after orgasm.
The project, done in tandem with well-being brand Smile Makers is intended to break down the barriers of female sexuality, by presenting the often taboo topic of masturbation by women.
Too often, the topic is treated with shame and silence, in contrast to male masturbation that is treated as a given in many cultures.
Over 20 women from a mix of liberal and conservative countries around the world, were photographed four times while using a personal massager.
The photos were taken from the waist up, with the user of the massager hidden from the photographs and from the photographer.
According to Alberti and Smile Makers, the underlying message of the Project O, is that all women deserve to be in control of their sexuality, and be empowered to have a little fun with it.​
Commenting on the project, Fan Yang, the global brand manager of Smile Makers said:

“Female sexuality is more often shrouded in shame and secrecy.
Our partnership with Marcos allowed us to create this series to upend that social stigma around female sexuality, and encourage the normalisation of female pleasure.”

source: indy100.com

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