How can you Visit the Newly Found Continent Zealand?


Adventurous travelers are most likely to boast stamps in passports from any continent, perhaps with the exception of Antarctica. The most fearless might include in their plans and travel to the icy land. But today scientists believe that the most ambitious travelers in the world already have eight continents to set foot on.

Most of Zealand is below sea level, about 6% of land remains above water, and as Atlas Obscura notes, it is accessible to visitors. About 5 million people live on the "missing continent". New Zealand's islands are linked to the same part of the continental crust (4,920,977 square kilometers), which is completely different from both Australia and Antarctica, according to a report by the Geological Society of America published earlier this year .

Zealand includes New Zealand and New Caledonia, along with several other Australian territories and island groups (outside Australia's northeast coast).

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