Technology Has Changed the Landscape of Work and Play in Bulgaria


New and emerging technologies are providing endless opportunities for both businesses and individuals. The global community can now collaborate and communicate with greater ease, which is making life more enjoyable and productive for people across the globe. Europeans are in the eye of the storm when it comes to improvements in technology, and many aspects of everyday life are bound to change over the next few years. This is particularly true for recreation, as the internet has become a key source of entertainment for most people. Technology is making work easier and play more fun, so read on to find out how.

Improved Collaboration and Creativity

Bulgaria's economy has been better structured by the advent of new technologies over the past few years, allowing for the progressive market's technology-orientated companies need to thrive. Part of the reason the country's IT industry has boomed has been the educational focus on technology, with over two hundred schools offering ICT courses as their first profile. This has translated into high-quality employees and opportunities, so it's no surprise that the country has been described by BGO Software as 'the most attractive IT outsourcing destination in Europe.' This is also why world-leading corporations like Hewlett-Packard are based in the country.

Innovations like The Cloud are being met with no resistance in cities like Sofia, which is leading the way for the country in terms of technological development. Not only can they simplify office life and therefore increase employee morale, but now people from all corners of the globe can utilize various web-based software to create, edit, share and collaborate on documents in real-time. For this reason, cloud computing is an ideal...

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