Poll: 15% of the Catalans Believe in Independence

Source: Pixabay

Only one in seven Catalans thinks that the dispute with Spain will lead to independence, while for two-thirds of the people in the richest province of Spain the crisis is damaging the economy, a sociological study said today, quoted by Reuters.

According to the GAD3 agency, parties supporting independence may win the election but will not have a majority enough to continue with the separation from Spain.

Only 15% said the process would lead to independence from Spain.

The study was conducted between 1 233 people from 30 October to 3 November.

Only a fifth of respondents believe in finding a negotiated political solution between Madrid and Barcelona.

However, 67% think the crisis has damaged the economy. More than 2,000 firms have left the region since October 1, when the central bank of Spain predicted that if the conflict continues, it will slow down economic growth and job creation.

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