Athina Onassis saga: Doda in 8-year relationship with high class escort, former Onassis spokesperson says!

The tumultuous relationship and divorce between Athina Onassis and her former husband Alvaro De Miranda Neto (Doda) is expected to take yet a new turn, after Alexis Matheakis, a spokesperson and advisor for the Onassis family for years and close aid to her father Thierry Russell, left a snippet of bombshell revelations he intends to include in his upcoming book. In a post on his Facebook profile, Mr. Matheakis implied Doda had an extramarital relationship with a luxury escort from Belgium for 8 years out of the 11 years of marriage with Athina.

Mr. Manteakis wrote on Facebook: “What does a former luxury escort living in Belgium, an equestrian race ticket in Rio, an illicit relationship of 8.5 years, an entry ID in the VIP guests only area of Athina Onassis Horse Show, have in common with the “sweet and tender” as the world knows, Athena Onassis? It’s all in the red folder along with the key to the high profile divorce of the “Golden Heiress” and the playboy Doda. Who is the victim, who is to blame, who has a heart of ice, what a new twist? Soon…in my (journalistic) biography “A Doll Made of Steel” – (“A Doll of Steel”). The legal battle of the “golden heiress” with her spouse is still ongoing on.

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