Apple is Working on Augmented Reality Glasses

Source: Twitter

In search of a new product to make a breakthrough and surpass the iPhone, the US technology company Apple is pointing in an interesting direction. It has set itself the goal of creating an augmented reality glasses technology in 2019, planning to deliver the product in 2020, Bloomberg said.

Unlike the current generation of virtual reality glasses, which uses the smartphone as the engine and screen, Apple's new device will have its own display and will work with a new chip and operating system, according to sources familiar to the agency.

Although the virtual reality immerses the user in the digital world, the added reality superimposes images and data on the real world.

Apple is not the only company working on this technology. Google is developing a business-oriented option called Glass. The Meta start-up has created glasses with a focus on education and medical benefits.

Apple CEO Tim Cook considers the added reality less isolating than the virtual one, and a technology that is as revolutionary as the smartphone.

Apple refuses to comment on the topic.

The company has begun the creation of a project team with added reality a few years ago, wrote Bloomberg in March. Led by Mike Rockwell, who previously was in charge of engineering at Dolby Labs, the group has already grown to several hundred engineers, sources say. They work in the offices of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California, developing several hardware and software projects under the code name "T288".

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