Four accused of torching US embassy receive suspended sentences

The Belgrade Higher Court has handed down suspended sentences of five and six months to four indictees charged with setting fire to the US embassy in 2008.

By the court's decision, three of those accused have been acquitted.

The sentences will not be enforced if the convicted persons refrain from committing new criminal offenses within two years.

Dejan Vuckovic, Dragan Marinkov and Marko Novitovic have been convicted to six months suspended each, on charges of committing grave acts against general security, while Milan Tomas received five months.

Djordje Tomin, Nikola Kosanovic and Filip Backovic have been acquitted for lack of evidence.

The four who have been convicted have been found guilty of throwing stones at the US embassy, along with several unknown persons, smashing windows on the building, and then throwing a torch inside, which led to the...

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