French Company Invests EUR 30 Million for a New Plant in Pleven


The French company "Malterite Souffle Bulgaria" invested 30 million euro to increase its production capacity in Pleven more than three times. This was announced at a press conference in the municipality of Pleven by Olivier Geoffroy - Procurator of the company.

The malt production of the Pleven plant in Bulgaria will increase to 50,000 tons. The company has been in Pleven for 5 years. The new plant is currently being designed and its construction will begin in April 2018, and it is expected to be commissioned in September 2019. The new plant will be high-tech with 20 workers who will undergo special training.

This investment in Pleven is a symbol of the intensity of relations between France and Bulgaria, said France's Ambassador to Bulgaria Eric Lebédel, who was present at the announcement of the investment intention.

The visit of President Macron and his talks with the political authorities in Bulgaria opened new doors for cooperation, he said. This positive dynamics, which arose at that time, should be passed all over Bulgaria, added the guest.

According to him, other economic sectors will be affected by the investment in Pleven, especially agriculture - a sector that has a great future. Well-targeted European funds could help both investors and Pleven, the diplomat said. He also noted the important environmental aspect of investing in joint efforts to combat climate change.

The host of the press conference was Mayor of Pleven Municipality Georgi Spartanski. "For us this investment is important because it is a sign to other companies that Pleven is a good place to invest", he stressed. 

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